chinensis (Chinese Juniper)
                        chinensis (Chinese Juniper)
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Detailed Local Weather Conditions for Today

Technical details of the Weather Station and data acquisition setup

View our local historical weather data at Weather Underground below:

Our Local Weather Page 



This is where we and our Weather Underground and Weatherzone friends show you the local environment of our little Bonsai nursery here a few minutes south of the famous America's Cup defence coastal city of Fremantle, Western Australia.  We are just down the Swan River from Perth, which is equally famous for its annual sunshine hours - more than any capital city in Australia. 

All of our own data on this page is from our on-site weather station at Lat. 32.07 South, Long. 115.46 East at approx 8 metres elevation ASL and is freely presented for your interest. Your current generation web browser will automatically refresh itself every 5 minutes and the weather data is uploaded every 2 minutes all things being equal, but click on "shift refresh" or "shift reload" in your browser any time for the latest data.

All daily values and Max/Min/Trend indicators reset every midnight Western Australian Standard Time (UTC + 8:00 Hrs). Dates are in D/M/Y format.  Temperatures are in degrees Celsius and "Rain" is actually the sum of Fremantle rainfall plus our outdoor nursery irrigation, as the sensor is located in our outdoor Bonsai nursery. This value can be misleading as we irrigate according to need.

The Bonsai Palace weather station is an example of our continual strive to produce the best possible Australian Bonsai product via an in-depth understanding of local horticultural conditions and the skill to effectively utilise the data. We hope you like it!

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